Cam Munroe


Born in Melbourne in 1972, Cam Munroe is a graduate of Sydney’s Meadowbank School of Art and Design. After collecting a number of art awards in Australia, Cam moved to New Zealand in 1994.

The artist’s unique pictorial language is comprised of juxtaposed shapes, symbols and markings. Simultaneously strange yet familiar, recurring motifs in Cam’s work derive from legend, history and belief systems.

Cam’s restricted tonal palette serves to accentuate the significance of these cryptic markings: why are they there, and what – if anything - do they mean?

Reminiscent of prehistoric petroglyphs (rock engravings), perhaps the markings have obscure cultural or religious significance: recording and conveying information for beings – human or extraterrestrial – able to interpret what they mean. Or perhaps they are simply aesthetic objects, symbolizing nothing and intended purely for visual enjoyment.