Mia Hamilton installing a large installation piece

Mia Hamilton


Born on a naval base in Norfolk, United Kingdom, Mia’s family emigrated to New Zealand when she was a child. 

A full time artist since 2008, Mia has had more than 10 solo exhibitions and been included in over 50 group shows.  Her practice centres around two major recurring themes: domestic scale textile and ceramic works, and endearingly oversized artistic installations.

Mia’s larger than life installation works are inspired by recollections of childhood activities or remembered objects. Her bold outdoor sculptures have been exhibited at Sculpture by the Sea (Bondi and Cottlesloe), Headland Sculpture on the Gulf (Waiheke Island), Sculpture in the Gardens (Auckland), NZ Sculpture OnShore (North Shore), and the Dowse's Shapeshifter exhibition (Lower Hutt).

At the other end of the spectrum are Mia’s domestic-sized works. A number of these pieces are tactile vessels; not necessarily functional, but works that allow the artist to explore structure and texture. Other pieces find their expression in what Mia dubs “jewellery for walls” – unique, quirky pieces modelled on the artist’s fascination with contemporary New Zealand jewellery.

Mia’s works have been selected for a number of national art awards, including the Portage Ceramic Awards, Parkin Drawing Prize, Small Sculpture Awards, No. 8 Wire Art Awards, National Contemporary Art Awards, Estuary Art Awards and Signature Art Awards. In 2011, Mia was Potter in Residence at the Wellington Potters Association.

Mia holds a Diploma of Interior Design (London), a Diploma of Art & Creativity (Wellington) and a Bachelor of Business Studies (Palmerston North).