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July 2016 - Sebastien Jaunas- selected sculptures

For the month of July 2016, ZIMMERMAN is featuring a selection of mixed media sculptures by French-born artist, Sebastien Jaunas. 


Sebastien Jaunas - background 

“At a young age I worked with and dismantled objects, to reshape them into different forms. In Paris, I recycled objects from the street and made furniture. 

After arriving in New Zealand 10 years ago, I was inspired by the landscape, driftwood, bones and shell, to sculpt wood into organic shapes.” 

Following recent studies in “Hot Arts” at The Learning Connexion, School of Creativity and Art, Sebastien now also enjoys working with forged steel, glass casting and bronze.    

The sculptor cites amongst his artistic influences the work of Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore (for their organic inspiration), Albert Paley and Peter Mattila (for their steel work) and Giacometti (for the texture of his bronze sculpture. 

Brief artist bio

Born in France in 1975, Sebastien moved to New Zealand 10 years ago. 

A qualified electrician and gas fitter in France, Sebastien describes his current career as “a full time artist and parent”.  

After receiving the Learning Connexion’s Oriel Hoskins Scholarship from 2013-2015, Sebastien graduated in 2015 with a Diploma of Art and Creativity. 

Last month, one of Sebastien’s large sculptural works was selected as a finalist for the Signature Piece Art Award at the New Zealand Art Show 2016. 

Sebastien lives in Paekakariki with his wife and daughter.