Daniel Dibble


Born in 1983 in Palmerston North, Daniel Dibble is the son of accomplished local artists Fran and Paul Dibble.

Daniel started working with bronze from the age of eight, when the Dibble foundry was located in the family's backyard. Over the years, Daniel has continued to assist at the foundry, and in 2022 mounted his first exhibition of bronze sculptures at Zimmerman Art Gallery.

Daniel's sculptural explorations challenge the possibilities of bronze casting. A series of spiral forms coil and rebound, some left as simple wild forms, while others include small elements of realism. 

Other sculptures show a sounding out of stylistic trends - a bird caught mid-flight, a boy precariously balancing after a fall, an abstract form reaching up to disappear into the ether.

Describing his work as a journey of discovery, Daniel is keen to build on the experience garnered in the Dibble foundry to pioneer his own processes for working in bronze.