Current Exhibition

  • July 2024 - Paula Clare King - selected works

    For July 2024, ZIMMERMAN is delighted to introduce the works of Manawatu poet and painter, Paula Clare King.

    An artist's statement, brief artist's bio and image details are set out beneath the images below.

    Artist's statement 

    "I don’t know what I am painting until I’ve finished a work, trusting the paint pigment will guide me.

    I’ve come to realise that the images come from memory, dreams, my subconscious and my positioning of the present.

    I like this way of painting as it often surprises me.

    Reflecting on my work to date, I see myself trying to explore themes of space, place and belonging, body and invasion through landscape.

    I am trying to reveal my reflections on the interplay of the past, present and future – human interactions, power imbalances on/with the landscape and each other.”

    Paula Clare King – brief artist bio

    Paula Clare King has a Master’s Degree in Education, an MA in creative writing from the International Institute of Modern Letters and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Māori Visual Art.

    Paula was a finalist in the New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Awards 2024 for her oil painting “prayer for us” - this painting is one of the works on display in this month’s exhibition.

    Paintings featured in this month's exhibition:

    Figure in the landscape - it's mine, no it's not (2024), water mixable oils on wood, 920cm x 920 mm (framed size)

    Golgotha (2024), water mixable oils on board, 280 x 280 mm

    Waiting (2024), water mixable oils on board, 270 x 280 mm

    it's mine and I can do what I want (2023), water mixable oils on board, 515 x 1220 mm (framed size)

    earthworks volume 2 (2004), water mixable oils on board, 500 x 1220 mm

    movement effects condition
    (2024), water mixable oils on wood, 950 x 950 mm (framed size)

    my congregation (2022), water mixable oils on wood, 570 x 840 mm (oval, framed size)

    not my favourite knowing (2023), water mixable oils on wood, 300 x 300 mm

    overstanding (2023), water mixable oils on wood, 580 x 360 mm (painted on an old kitchen cupboard door)                             

    prayer for us (2024), water mixable oils on canvas, 900 x 600 mm (framed size) - NZPPA Finalist 2024

    strong woman with things done to do and be (2023), water mixable oils on wood, 300 x 300 mm