Prakash Patel


Prakash Patel paints in a spontaneous manner, allowing each work to evolve intuitively.

Working across several paintings at a time, for Prakash each new work is a journey of exploration, experimentation and discovery.

“I would say I’m not religious, but there’s something about painting that has a kind of spiritual aspect. The act of painting becomes almost like praying, or a devotion to God. And then something happens, after a while, where you start to feel like the planets are lining up and everything starts to make sense.”

“I’m always searching for that moment, when everything makes sense, and is connected, from the microscopic world to the cosmos.”

Prakash’s paintings, suggestive of objects floating up from the void, could be pieces of sky with stars and comets; telescope sightings of giant supernovas; craters or caves on distant planets; underwater sightings of strange luminescent creatures; or minute lifeforms viewed through a microscope.

“I’ve always been fascinated by nature and its complexity. You can look up into space, and it goes on and on. The same thing happens when you look through a microscope – there’s actually no point where it ends, it goes back into infinity again.”

Born in 1968, Prakash lives in Whanganui.