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February 2020 - Kate Elder - Ghost Towns

For the month February 2020 ZIMMERMAN is featuring Ghost Towns, an exhibition of new wall mounted works by Kate Elder.



Kate Elder continues her creative exploration of our built environment in this month’s exhibition, Ghost Towns.

The artist has used her Construction series as a starting point, to progress these latest works through various stages of urban decay; the works are stripped back, until all that is left is skeletal remains and the shadows they cast.

This is Kate's fourth solo exhibition at ZIMMERMAN.

About Kate Elder

Born in Wellington, Kate Elder holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Dunedin School of Art, majoring in sculpture.

After studying cabinetmaking in Spain, the artist spent a number of years working with furniture, before returning to art - using the skills and knowledge she had acquired over this period to refine her practice.  

"My work generally deals with the idea of landscapes: the preoccupation we have for controlling our environments, and what happens when our natural and constructed worlds collide.

Working in 3D, I’m conscious of the role that the viewer can play in animating an artwork. A viewer moving around a work can experience the dynamic quality of a sculpture, appreciating the changes that can occur from different viewpoints, and gradually making sense of the work through this movement."

Kate's work received the top award at the 2015 Mahara Gallery Arts Review, and the 3D Award in 2017.

In 2017 Kate was also a finalist in the prestigious Wallace Art Awards, and the Small Sculpture Prize at Waiheke Art Gallery.