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July 2018 - BLACK: a response to closure of the public art gallery in Palmerston North

This month’s exhibition at ZIMMERMAN is BLACK: a response to the closure of our public art gallery in Palmerston North.


Due to public concern about the 10 month closure and the uncertain future of the art gallery, Bronwyn Zimmerman has posted an online petition to "save the art gallery in Palmerston North". You can support the petition by clicking on the following link:


Save the art gallery in Palmerston North  


In March this year, our community was informed that the public art gallery in Palmerston North would close on 1 July, for up to 10 months, for “desperately needed” maintenance and repairs.


The Chief Executive of Te Manawa said it was unfortunate that the doors would have to shut, but stated it was necessary, given the nature of the work.


The decision was supported by Te Manawa’s Trust Board, with the Chair claiming “there was no other way but this way.”


Members of our local arts community have repeatedly asked what works would be carried out to require such a lengthy closure.


Yet even the day before the start of the closure, Te Manawa remained unable to identify even a single item of repair or maintenance actually scheduled to take place.


To add insult to injury, Te Manawa has also released a statement confirming that “no decision has been made” on the future of the art gallery.


The continuing uncertainty about the future of our public art gallery is of grave concern – it would be a very sad day for our City, if we were to lose the standalone public art gallery we currently have.


Meantime, a 10 month closure of the public art gallery leaves a substantial hole in our region’s art offering.


Te Manawa has not confirmed any alternative exhibition venues, meaning the City’s entire permanent art collection may be locked away for many months, unable to be seen by anyone.


It should rarely be the case that every available space within a public facility is completely closed to ratepayers and visitors.


And when closure really is necessary, then appropriate plans should be in place to minimise both the period of closure and the resulting loss and inconvenience to the community.


This month’s exhibition, BLACK, is ZIMMERMAN’s response to this inexplicable closure.


BLACK encompasses many ideas; the exhibited works include feelings of sadness, loss, bewilderment, watching, waiting, falling, floating, fragility and instability.


But there are also signs of heart and hope that rise above the darkness: artists are resilient, and will find a way to communicate and be heard.

BLACK: a response to the closure of our public art gallery - exhibition runs from 1 to 31 July 2018