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March 2021 - WHITE: a group exhibition

For the month of March 2021, ZIMMERMAN is delighted to present WHITE: a group exhibition. 


WHITE: a group exhibition

Ten artists independently responded to this month's exhibition theme, resulting in an eclectic gathering of works:

Angela Tier – The Disciple, The Assistant and The Admirer - three haunting white rabbits built from coiled stoneware

Cam Munroe – “Windows” – a series of small abstract paintings in ornate white frames

Fran Dibble – “The White Garden”, an oil painting on board of white on white with a tapestry of small colour variations

Michele Irving – cute and quirky textile brooches: The White Rabbit, Fox Rides Polar Bear and Werewolf Bride

Kirsty Gardiner – a selection of ceramic works inspired by museum collections and objects collected over time

Lee-Anne Dixon – meticulously painted moths and butterflies on vintage ware

Naga Tsutsumi – “Wearing White”, an ethereal acrylic painting mounted on board

Tony Rumball – selected oil paintings featuring the artist’s distinctive white painted borders

Anna Korver – a large wall installation, featuring an ascending flight of stylised white birds

Prakash Patel –  “Night Bloom”, a shimmering acrylic painting on canvas

All works are individually available - come take a look!

This month's exhibition runs until 28 March. Gallery hours are 11am to 3pm Thursday to Sunday