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September 2018 - Notes + Corrections: New paintings by Cam Munroe

For the month of September 2018, ZIMMERMAN is exhibiting Notes + corrections - new paintings by artist Cam Munroe.  



These new works on canvas speak confidently of shape and gesture, with mark making that offers contour and form, with a purposeful balance between light and dark.


The collected shapes are presented like a coded language, with figures and forms arranged in orderly rows, in the same manner as traditional script might be depicted.


This compositional structure creates the tantalising suggestion that words and messages lie in plain sight, waiting for us to unlock and reveal meaning, if only we knew how to decipher the cryptic code.


But there is no secret key to understanding this unfamiliar alphabet; the assembled shapes and forms are not based on any literal or historic writing system or cipher.


Instead, the artist’s first consideration is that the shapes aesthetically work together in each painting. Technique, restraint and problem solving are all also integral to the successful outcome of each work.


Each mark builds on the next, enabling the artist to capture on canvas, through gesture and contour, an eclectic collection of objects and forms.


The exhibition of Notes + corrections by Cam Munroe runs from 1 to 30 September 2018.