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September 2020 - Tony Rumball

For the month September 2020, ZIMMERMAN is featuring a recently completed series of paintings by Tony Rumball. 

Created in the time of COVID-19 lockdown, the paintings reflect the challenges of this strange time – when artists made best use of the art materials and subject matter at hand, and maintained the required social distance from strangers.

Rumball describes the paintings created in this uncommon environment as follows:

“Some of the paintings are yellowish (short of oils), odd sizes (short of canvases) and strangely devoid of people from when abruptly, we couldn’t buy materials and were told to get off the beach and stay at home for that balmy 2020 autumn.


It was time to paint the animals albeit anthropomorphically.”

The resulting works are both bright and evocative. While the humans meekly shelter at home, the animals boldly assume centre stage.

Taking up their place in a few swift strokes, the animals stand, blissfully oblivious to any risk as they bask in the open air.

Exhibition runs until 27 September 2020