How to give the gift of art

“It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Teresa

Selecting art for another person may be harder than choosing electronics or an award winning wine. But the gift of art is a truly personal gesture – it shows you have taken time and effort to consider the recipient’s individual taste, and to give something both memorable and unique. 

Here are some pointers that may be of assistance, when choosing a gift for the art lover in your life:

* What does the recipient like? – Tastes in art are subjective, so take the time to consider the kind of artwork most likely to appeal to the recipient (which may be quite different to what you would choose for yourself). If you want to check what the recipient might like, then try taking them to some art galleries with you, so you can make note of what captures their interest. If the gift is to be a surprise, then you can secretly return later to inquire about the piece that caught their eye. 

* Give art ready to display “as is” – Make sure the recipient will not have to incur further effort or expense in making the work fit for display. For example, it is usually better to give a small framed work than a large unframed one.

* Give the story behind the art - Find out a little about the artwork, and the artist who created it. By giving some background together with your gift of the work, the work is likely to hold more interest and meaning to the recipient.

* Ask whether the work can be exchanged – Ask the gallery whether the work is able to be exchanged, if the recipient finds it is not to their taste. While not always feasible, this option may be available in some cases.

* Consider other low-risk alternatives, if you are unsure about selecting the right piece of art:

- Gallery gift vouchers are a useful alternative, when you are uncertain as to what the recipient may like.

- A related idea is to give a gift voucher from an art framer – this makes a practical, thoughtful gift for a person who has unframed works.

- Art books and art magazine subscriptions are often appreciated by art lovers (although it would pay to check they do not already have the book or subscription you have in mind).

- A related option is gifting a subscription to a local art society or public art gallery. Member benefits generally include invitations to exhibition openings and artist talks, and the opportunity to socialize with other art lovers at events.

- Art installation services are a great gift for someone who has acquired a lot of art, but never seems to find time to have it hung. Ask your local art gallery or framer whether they offer this service.

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