Art for the office

Take a look around your workplace – what does the art say about you?


Is yours an interesting and innovative place to work? Has energy gone into making the premises attractive for your visitors and staff? Is your office more inviting and memorable than the one down the road?


The art – or absence of it – in your workplace communicates volumes about you and your business, sending strong messages to your staff and clientele.

Simply displaying interesting art in your office allows you to:

* Provide easy conversation points for clients and visitors;
* Add ambience and a human touch to your working spaces;
* Visually express your business personality;
* Show your support for the arts; and
* Build an art collection beyond the works you enjoy at home.

Overseas studies have also shown that original art in the workplace helps boost staff morale and inspires creativity.


So, could your office benefit from a little revitalization through art? If so, here are some quick tips for selecting the right art for your workplace:

* Be bold: When considering artwork for your reception or meeting rooms, be bold. Strong colour, oversized works, striking sculptures and an interesting subject matter will all grab attention and provide easy conversation starters. Works with a touch of humour can also help set people at ease.

* Be unique: Unlike production-line office décor, art gives you scope to introduce something creative and unique. Choose original artworks over reproductions and mass-produced prints. Not only will the work be unique to you, it is also more likely to hold its value than a reproduction or commercial print.

* Send a message: Keep in mind what messages you wish to convey to your clientele. A financial advisor may prefer a bronze sculpture to suggest solidity; a law firm may opt for an oil painting to convey prestige; doctors and dentists may choose works likely to have a calming effect; a creative design firm may prefer colourful works or a quirky subject matter.

* Your office, your castle: The walls of your office, where you work each day, should reflect what you enjoy looking at – so personalise your work area with the art you love. Your office space also provides opportunity to display art that appeals to you, but for which your family or flatmates don’t share the same enthusiasm.

* DIY: The artwork most suitable for your office is the artwork you choose yourself. You don’t need to delegate responsibility to a designer or office assistant – take the time to visit a few local galleries, and talk to the curators, to find those special pieces that resonate most with you.
* Show community spirit: Investing in work by local artists is one way in which to show your business’ support for people in your community, and for the local economy. This is also a creative way in which to forge closer links with your clientele and the wider community.

* Don't sweat investment potential: The key consideration in acquiring art is to buy what resonates with you on some level. Whether or not a work will increase in value cannot be reliably predicted - it is better to choose art that will enrich your life today, and to treat as a bonus any increases in value.


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