How to Select Art for Your Home

Selecting art for your home may seem a daunting task. How do you make the right choice from all the available options? It need not be an intimidating task – here are some quick tips to help you on your journey:

* Assess your personal style: Look around at the other art works already in your home. Which bring you most pleasure, and why? What new works might best complement or extend your existing collection? Keep in mind the art works you already have, and love living with, to build and expand upon the collection you have already begun.

* Enjoy the hunt: It is possible to enjoy your search for that special piece as much as you will enjoy finding it. When beginning your journey, take time to view a variety of works, from a range of different artists – casting your net widely will assist you in building your knowledge as to the styles of work currently available. It will also be invaluable in helping you decide what you do or don’t like.

* The work should resonate with you: You should only ever acquire works that you personally like; works that resonate with you on some level. The art you will continue to enjoy for years to come are those pieces that hold a special appeal or meaning to you, not those chosen simply to match your décor or a fashion of the time.

* Know where the artwork will go: Dedicated art collectors may say that having a place to put an artwork is irrelevant - if you want the work, then buy it! However, for most of us, there's no point owning a fabulous piece if you have nowhere to display it. So, when buying for your home, it's best to take stock of what space you have before committing to that special piece. Gallerists will be happy to supply you with the measurements of any works they have available, so make sure to ask for the measurements if you are uncertain whether or not the piece you desire will fit.

* Consider the effect of the artwork: When choosing art for a particular area of your home, consider the effect your selected piece will have in that place. For a foyer, you may prefer a striking, dramatic piece, to provide a conversation point for visitors to your home. For your main living areas, you may prefer large works that enhance the room's ambience and complement your own personal style. For hallways and staircases, in which there is limited space between the viewer and the walls, smaller more intimate works may suit best.

* Consult significant others: It may be wise to first consult those with whom you share your home before committing to that fabulous piece – they may not share your enthusiasm for the naked form, or for bright orange and pink abstracts. While everyone’s taste in art is different, it is best not to offend those with whom you share your home by imposing your more adventurous artistic tastes on them.

* Know your budget: It’s important to know your budget at the outset - and stick to it! Fresh, original and interesting works are continually being produced, so there’s no point suffering financial stress or regret by spending more than you can afford. And if you really must have that piece beyond your current means, ask about a payment plan – layby or even rental options may be available.

* Don't sweat investment potential: The key consideration when buying art for your home is that the work is one you will enjoy living with. Whether or not the work will increase in value cannot be reliably predicted - it is better to choose art that will enrich your life today, rather than what you think may increase in value over time.


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